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WNF takes care of it

Our products

Emotions and connection

Whether it be greeting cards, gift packaging, napkins or fashion accessories... WNF wants to connect people. Our products are carriers of emotions and express the most intimate feelings.

Always changing, always innovative

Change, innovation and always better: that summarizes the philosophy behind our range. After all, the end customer in your store regularly comes along and wants an ever-changing assortment. He must always receive the impulse to buy.

Greeting cards

Greeting cards for all target groups, that is the most important thing for your store: for young and old, more and less income, woman and man, child or adult. Our team of designers follows the latest trends closely. The cards are printed on the highest quality paper and with state-of-the-art printing according to the most modern printing processes.


Bringing atmosphere and cosiness on the table and in the house: that is the idea behind our collection of napkins. The end customer can show his creativity to his guests with our range. The WNF design team travels around the world in search of the latest trends.

Gift packaging

This assortment fits seamlessly with the greeting cards and napkins. We ensure that the gift packaging forms a whole together with greeting cards and napkins. This powerful concept in your store attracts more end costumers.

"Relax... takes care of it!"